Chairs for Comfort

‘Chairs for Comfort’ a shopfredericton! charity launching Saturday April 4th at SHOW, SHOW, SHOW IT OFF!

Do you know a loved one that needs comfort and support during a difficult time in their lives? Chairs for Comfort, a New Charity launching at ‘Show it Off’ April 4th at the Delta will be taking donations. A cancer patient going through Chemo that wants to be with his or her family while recuperating but is only able to lie down or recline. old-wooden-rocking-chair-1413339-mA new mom with a sick child, that needs a rocker to rock her ailing infant. An elderly person requiring a lift chair in order to remain mobile throughout their day are just a few examples Female, male, young, old … ‘Chairs for Comfort’ will provide comfort to those without. Nominate someone you feel deserving of a new chair, email their story to Our goal is to purchase 10 chairs for those in need! How can you help? Bring your donation to ‘Show It Off’ April 4th at the Delta Send YOUR story and how you feel we can help. A committee will read all submissions and chair recipients will be announced once funds are tallied after the event! Chairs for Comfort will continue to grow with a portion of ALL sales from shopfredericton! being donated.


Shop Fredericton’s Interactive Women’s Show! SHOW IT OFF

Show off your products to thousands of people Saturday April 4th at Shop Fredericton’s Interactive Woman’s Show at The Delta Fredericton.
Book your space and we’ll provide complimentary design layout options by New View Designs by Laurie Cole plus business marketing concepts from The Spilman Group. We’ll give you strategies like “Selfie Our Booth”. Be apart of Shop Fredericton’s interactive EVENT and watch the guests stay longer, enjoy themselves tremendously and spend more $ with your business.
Saturday April 4th 10am – 5pm

Show Vendors: 10 x 10 space, design option and marketing strategy ! $499

Bronze Sponsor: 10 x 10 space, complimentary reserved seating for 2 at our evening entertainment, 100 radio announcements, logo placement in shop fredericton’s March magazine and presence on our Facebook Page: $649 (limited)

Silver Sponsor: 10 x 10 space, complimentary reserved seating for 2 at our evening entertainment, 100 radio announcements, logo placement in shop fredericton’s March magazine, presence on our Facebook Page + a 1/2 hour on stage to promote your product $799 (limited)

Watch Business Sales light up at “Show It Off”
Fredericton’s only live, interactive show! Fredericton’s ONLY show that, with your investment, includes booth design and marketing plan options selected for you!

Booth Space ON SALE FRIDAY JANUARY 9, 10AM 2015
$100 deposit to secure space, 50% of remaining due Feb 28, balance due Mar 30

First Come First Served, Limited Space Available, Accepting Visa, Master Card, Business Check, Cash – receipt provided. Book now as this show WILL SELL OUT!

Contact our Sales Manager Mike Lint 506.476.0021

Donations will be accepted at the door for “Chairs for Comfort” in hopes to purchase 10 recliners for those in need of comfort during illness or difficult times.

Do you want YOUR business showcased in Fredericton’s hottest magazine?  Strengthen your brand and put your business in front of tens of thousands of consumers in the Fredericton and Oromocto area! Shop Fredericton! Call us today! Next edition hits the streets June 7th!  

Put YOUR Business in 15,000 Mailboxes!

Shop Fredericton says … “Let them eat cake” … as it gets ready to launch the Spring edition(s).

Shop Fredericton a local magazine focusing on local business and local experts in their fields, will hit the Fredericton market March 8, April 5 and May3.  This high end glossy magazine is distributed to 15,000 homes in the Fredericton area along with hundreds of businesses.  Writer Tammy Miles, and Photographer Brad Spilman are preparing for the local photo shoot taking place at Carriage House Inn.1625646_10151953569091616_1261184595_n

“I want pictures that drip with mood…” say Miles.  She has a vision for each of the shoots and is excited to see it go to print.  It’s with the co operation of many local businesses that the photo shoots are a huge hit.

“The pictures tell a story … and I’m excited that shop fredericton is allowing me to showcase my art.” says Spilman.

“We are busting at the seems for this next edition, a lot of hard work and planning has been done and now it’s time to see it all come to fruition!” Deborah Spilman – Founder

You can advertise your business in Shop Fredericton by contacting 506.461.1971 /


Shop Fredericton

Shop Fredericton?  Well  Yes I Think I Will!

The Spilman Group is so proud to be a part of this fun local magazine.  We are the founder of the project … but there are a few key amazing peeps that have contributed their talent and time.  This project would not be possible without the dedicated efforts of our colleagues.600355_690048867686248_1912712158_n

My long time friend, Tammy Knox Miles is our writer.  I’ve always loved Tammy’s quick wit and her fun quirky writing style.  But, don’t let that fool you, Tammy is one “smart cookie”.   Tammy has always been my “go to” person when needing the intelligent scoop about what’s going on in our city and our world.  Tammy is very knowledgable, and finds the angle of a story that our readers love to dive into.                Thanks Tam!

Thank you to our photographer Brad Spilman.  Brad is new to the photography world, but if you were to gage his work, you’d think he was a veteran.  Brad is also a registered smarty pants, graduating with two degrees from UNB: Surveying Engineering in Geodesy and Geomatics and Bachelor of Computer Science.  Brad is a Database Analyst with Bell Canada by day and a photographer by night!  Get ready to OOW and Aww when you have a peak at Brad’s amazing pics here!

Ryan Jacobson is a magical elf … thank you for your dedicated effort and energy.  This guy gets more done in one day that Santa…. wait a minute I seem to remember a picture of Ryan trying to “grow a mo” this MO-vember hmmmm maybe he IS Santa!

Our cover photo (photo credit Brad Spilman) Baby Parker Allen has tugged on the hearts of many since seeing the magazine cover.  As you can clearly see, Parker DOES NOT like his hat.  It took close to 200 pictures to “get the shot”.  Thanks to Sarah and Chris Allen for letting us  play with your baby!

Thank you to our fashion model Ashley Walton.  Ashley is a dream to work with.  Ashley made the pictures look AMAZING although during most of them she was either freezing or trying to stay away – the shoot took longer than we expected! Thank you Ashley! Your beauty shines as brightly on the inside as it does on the outside.

Shop Fredericton was delivered to your door as a special insert in the Daily Gleaner and The Telegraph Journal Saturday December 7th! You can pick up a copy of Shop Fredericton at any one of the advertisers you see in the magazine!

Molly Maid, Worrall’s Furniture, The Spa Club, Teri D Fitness, Torque Motorsports, Catch Urban Grill, North Stream Farm Tack Shop, The Barking Lot, Fredericton Outfitters and Anglers, Dogs Clicker School, Satori Centre for Well Being, Scott’s Nursery, King St Ale House, Fredericton Region Solid Waste Commission, SS Tire, Spicer Cole.

Merry Christmas and remember to …  SHOP FREDERICTON!  

Deborah Spilman

Founder of Shop Fredericton




KeyBoard Courage

KeyBoard Courage! 

I heard this term used loosely by a colleague describing an insulting post, publicly displayed on a businesses Facebook page.  The said business,  had not provided enough detail in regards to an event taking place and therefore the client was disappointed once they arrived at the event and were unable to fulfill a need!

KeyBoard Courage creeps up on us when we get behind our keyboard after frustrating business experience and feel that blasting the business publicly via social media will make us feel better.    Unknown-3

It’s interesting how some consumers choose to deal with frustration they run into on day to day business transactions.  It’s even more interesting what you, as a business owner,  will do in return and how it may affect you and your company .

We all know that employers use and perhaps track their employees and potential employees use of social media to try and decode what they do in their spare time and or how they are perceived by their peers.  It blows my business mind that a lot of people using social media either don’t know, or don’t care that they are being watched, monitored and even graded by their social media posts.

As a business owner, how do you manage and deal with a consumer who has publicly blasted your business?

If the comment is racist, derogatory or aggressive in nature, hit delete and you may want to consider banning the user from being able to have further access to your page(s).  If the comment is well constructed, has a point and provides an opportunity to shine showing others how your business deals with an unfortunate issue, It’s good business practice to publicly answer back with an apology (if  warranted) and a solution.

After all, we’re only human.  Just because we are business owners does not mean we won’t make mistakes.  It’s how we handle those mistakes that will separate us from our competition!

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few are public forums that “put you out there”.

Integrity and good business ethics will keep you looking good out there!




Spending YOUR Hard Earned $ on Radio Advertising !

It’s that time of year again.  We find ourselves back from vacation, kids have returned to school and the morning air has a crispness we love and at the same time hints the inevitable is on it’s way.
Fall is a great time to dig into our business objectives and make things happen. images
During this time of year we, as business owners, find ourselves thinking of ways to expand our clientele.  Whether it’s the weather or the realization we need to buckle down to achieve our budgets, we’re knee deep with Radio, Newspaper and other media representatives!

Radio is a habit forming medium and although many consumers have tested satellite, it will never provide you with local news, weather and personalities, and therefore we often turn back to terrestrial radio!

If you find yourself looking at investing in radio, here are a few tips.

Know the audience you looking to target and leave your personal opinion out of the mix.  You many not like “country music” perhaps , however it may be the format your potential clients are listening to.  Ask yourself this, before you make a decision on what format is best for you business  “Are my potential clients listening to this radio station?”

Now you want to know how much to spend.  Although it’s an important detail, surprisingly it’s not the most important. The content of your radio commercial is THE most important aspect of your advertising investment.  Your job is not to create a beautifully sounding commercial, it’s to interrupt what the listener is currently doing, so they’ll pay attention to the ad you’re paying to air.
DON’T WASTE ONE SECOND!  Cut Through The Clutter.
The next time you listen to radio you’ll likely hear most of the commercials with music in the background. A radio ad with no music is referred to as a “cold read” and will help you cut through the rest of the clutter that is airing before and after your commercial!

Budget is important, but will not make or break your radio campaign.  Some businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on radio advertising, others not so much.
Have you ever considered “owning” a time period on the radio station.  Buy 10 commercials on Saturday rather than spreading 10 commercials out in a week.

The power of radio is frequency, use it!



To Tweet or not to Tweet!

Wondering what Social Media will work for your business?

Advertising is only one component to running a successful business and when the options become overwhelming and day to day business becomes pressing we often put it on the back burner.  As a business owner with limited time and budget, you may wonder how to  choose between radio, television, newspaper, tabloids, flyers, direct mail, e blasts and Social Media.

It’s important for you to believe that all advertising works ** as long as you use the right formula ** Recently Corey Insurance Services proved E Blasts, Facebook and Direct mail yield response from those targeted.  However these mediums can also be dangerous to your business if done without a bullet proof strategy.

So if all mediums have the power to be effective, why the big hype about using Social Media?

Well, it’s not one thing we do in our business marketing strategy that makes us effective it’s the combination of the “ones”.

The internet hosts nearly 554,750,000 tweeters using Twitter as an instantaneous platform to share opinions and express current happenings all in less than 140 characters.  By creating a bullet proof strategy, you can effectively use Twitter to be a leader and stand out in your business community.  However …

Before you open a Twitter account and begin tweeting your tweeps, *these are the people following you on Twitter* it’s imperative to know your business objective, build a strategic plan and follow it!

Using Social Medias like Twitter and Facebook are no longer thinking outside the box as the use of traditional advertising as your soul marketing strategy is disappearing faster  that smiles on children’s faces returning to school.
Being an effective user of Social Media sends a message to you client that your business is current and by using these mediums strategically it’s very easy to separate yourself from your competitors who are “trying” to effectively use Twitter and other Social Medias.
Check your competitors Social Media pages.  Are they entertaining? Do they give you a reason to take a second look?

The key to acquiring and keeping Social Media followers is Entertainment!  Be current, be local and be VERY interesting. Using Social Media’s such as Twitter to stand out from your competitors and to deepen roots within your community by strengthening your business brand is smart.

So To Tweet or Not to Tweet – I say TWEET – (just make sure you do it right)!