KeyBoard Courage

KeyBoard Courage! 

I heard this term used loosely by a colleague describing an insulting post, publicly displayed on a businesses Facebook page.  The said business,  had not provided enough detail in regards to an event taking place and therefore the client was disappointed once they arrived at the event and were unable to fulfill a need!

KeyBoard Courage creeps up on us when we get behind our keyboard after frustrating business experience and feel that blasting the business publicly via social media will make us feel better.    Unknown-3

It’s interesting how some consumers choose to deal with frustration they run into on day to day business transactions.  It’s even more interesting what you, as a business owner,  will do in return and how it may affect you and your company .

We all know that employers use and perhaps track their employees and potential employees use of social media to try and decode what they do in their spare time and or how they are perceived by their peers.  It blows my business mind that a lot of people using social media either don’t know, or don’t care that they are being watched, monitored and even graded by their social media posts.

As a business owner, how do you manage and deal with a consumer who has publicly blasted your business?

If the comment is racist, derogatory or aggressive in nature, hit delete and you may want to consider banning the user from being able to have further access to your page(s).  If the comment is well constructed, has a point and provides an opportunity to shine showing others how your business deals with an unfortunate issue, It’s good business practice to publicly answer back with an apology (if  warranted) and a solution.

After all, we’re only human.  Just because we are business owners does not mean we won’t make mistakes.  It’s how we handle those mistakes that will separate us from our competition!

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few are public forums that “put you out there”.

Integrity and good business ethics will keep you looking good out there!




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