Spending YOUR Hard Earned $ on Radio Advertising !

It’s that time of year again.  We find ourselves back from vacation, kids have returned to school and the morning air has a crispness we love and at the same time hints the inevitable is on it’s way.
Fall is a great time to dig into our business objectives and make things happen. images
During this time of year we, as business owners, find ourselves thinking of ways to expand our clientele.  Whether it’s the weather or the realization we need to buckle down to achieve our budgets, we’re knee deep with Radio, Newspaper and other media representatives!

Radio is a habit forming medium and although many consumers have tested satellite, it will never provide you with local news, weather and personalities, and therefore we often turn back to terrestrial radio!

If you find yourself looking at investing in radio, here are a few tips.

Know the audience you looking to target and leave your personal opinion out of the mix.  You many not like “country music” perhaps , however it may be the format your potential clients are listening to.  Ask yourself this, before you make a decision on what format is best for you business  “Are my potential clients listening to this radio station?”

Now you want to know how much to spend.  Although it’s an important detail, surprisingly it’s not the most important. The content of your radio commercial is THE most important aspect of your advertising investment.  Your job is not to create a beautifully sounding commercial, it’s to interrupt what the listener is currently doing, so they’ll pay attention to the ad you’re paying to air.
DON’T WASTE ONE SECOND!  Cut Through The Clutter.
The next time you listen to radio you’ll likely hear most of the commercials with music in the background. A radio ad with no music is referred to as a “cold read” and will help you cut through the rest of the clutter that is airing before and after your commercial!

Budget is important, but will not make or break your radio campaign.  Some businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on radio advertising, others not so much.
Have you ever considered “owning” a time period on the radio station.  Buy 10 commercials on Saturday rather than spreading 10 commercials out in a week.

The power of radio is frequency, use it!



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