To Tweet or not to Tweet!

Wondering what Social Media will work for your business?

Advertising is only one component to running a successful business and when the options become overwhelming and day to day business becomes pressing we often put it on the back burner.  As a business owner with limited time and budget, you may wonder how to  choose between radio, television, newspaper, tabloids, flyers, direct mail, e blasts and Social Media.

It’s important for you to believe that all advertising works ** as long as you use the right formula ** Recently Corey Insurance Services proved E Blasts, Facebook and Direct mail yield response from those targeted.  However these mediums can also be dangerous to your business if done without a bullet proof strategy.

So if all mediums have the power to be effective, why the big hype about using Social Media?

Well, it’s not one thing we do in our business marketing strategy that makes us effective it’s the combination of the “ones”.

The internet hosts nearly 554,750,000 tweeters using Twitter as an instantaneous platform to share opinions and express current happenings all in less than 140 characters.  By creating a bullet proof strategy, you can effectively use Twitter to be a leader and stand out in your business community.  However …

Before you open a Twitter account and begin tweeting your tweeps, *these are the people following you on Twitter* it’s imperative to know your business objective, build a strategic plan and follow it!

Using Social Medias like Twitter and Facebook are no longer thinking outside the box as the use of traditional advertising as your soul marketing strategy is disappearing faster  that smiles on children’s faces returning to school.
Being an effective user of Social Media sends a message to you client that your business is current and by using these mediums strategically it’s very easy to separate yourself from your competitors who are “trying” to effectively use Twitter and other Social Medias.
Check your competitors Social Media pages.  Are they entertaining? Do they give you a reason to take a second look?

The key to acquiring and keeping Social Media followers is Entertainment!  Be current, be local and be VERY interesting. Using Social Media’s such as Twitter to stand out from your competitors and to deepen roots within your community by strengthening your business brand is smart.

So To Tweet or Not to Tweet – I say TWEET – (just make sure you do it right)!

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