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Facebook is THE Super Information Highway – Whether you “ LIKE ” it or Not!

Facebook, is a prime example of how easy it now is, to gather an audience of consumers and keep them within arms length. These potential clients are literally accessible by the “click” of a button.

Corey Insurance FacebookWhen using Facebook strategically YOU will reach YOUR consumer with the click of a button ANYTIME YOU WANT!

First: Invite them to “ LIKE ” your page

Second: Treat them right (and they’ll stay)

By doing this you can present a “message” to them ANYTIME you want – AT NO COST!

We use Facebook as a path to send consumers to your website.

*When expecting your Facebook efforts to work, it’s crucial to follow a strategic plan.

Consumers are bombarded with thousands of messages…daily. Consumers are busy.

Respect that.

Consumers have hectic work and family schedules, the last thing they want is someone shoving a stuffy business message down their throat.

Consumers want to take a break, be entertained, have some fun…relax.

So, how do you get them interested in your business and your Business Facebook page?

#1. Gain their trust by being a resource

#2. Make them laugh, cry or feel something by entertaining them.

Become a consistent, trusted entertaining resource.

The possibility to reach tens of thousands of people with the click of a button, is right at your fingertips. It takes strategic planning and time to gain their trust, but when it’s done right – it works – simple as that!

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