Who’s Making These Decisions?

Radio, as Fredericton knew it took a bit of a shaggin’ today.  92.3 FRED FM, a New Cap station in Fredericton flipped formats with little notice to their listeners not to mention some of their on air talent.  Fredericton is now faced with another Top 40 station. Great!  What does this have to do with you? Well if you purchase radio as as a part of your marketing strategy,  PAY ATTENTION you’ve got some homework to do!

This is a great time to advertise on this new station.  Over the next few weeks, more consumers will be tuning in to the New HOT 92.3 FM station, simply out of curiosity.  This ISN’T the time to STOP you’re advertising, if anything it’s the time to ramp it up.

Make your message count. The content of your 30 second message is the difference between making an INVESTMENT or creating and EXPENSE for your business.

There is a formula and if you use it precisely, it works!